Monday, May 2, 2016


Illinois Institute of Technology's "JOHN J. SCHOMMER HONOR I AWARD"
Link to the recorded video of the Awards:
2016 IIT Awards

(Ted's award is between 34:25 and 39:20)

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Hope you all got a Fish Kiss!

Triton Transformable
This magical flower can transform into a Greek God.

 Triton, son of Poseidon and King of the Seas.
Hmmmm…… Who does he look like?

I designed this especially for my father, Ted Erikson, the infamous World Class Marathon Swimmer.
Even though he is approaching 90, he still swims regularly, competes and still achieves victory awards. 
His swimming record is incredibly impressive.
If you would like to peruse it, visit his link at:

Triton is sitting on a boulder in the middle of the ocean, contemplating his power over the waters. 
Triton is happy to calm the seas or roar into a mighty storm. 

And, just as quickly as he arrived, he can transform back into an Enchanting flower.

Patterns to be released soon.   GPC © 2016 P Perkins